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HID Conversion Kit 6k HID Conversion Kit 6k

<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 10pt"><FONT face=Calibri>High intensity discharge lights are also commonly known as HID lights and most newer car models come with them installed. An HID kit a very welcome upgrade to your vehicle and not only improves your car looks but also saves a considerable amount of money as they last longer than halogen headlights and are less prone to wear and tear.  They also use far less battery power as compared to ordinary halogen headlamps and as they are usually requiring 35W/12V power supply unlike their traditional counterparts that work on 55W/12V power. The most important advantage of HID kit is its visibility on the road. Your vehicle if equipped with HID lamp not only allows you to see at further distances on the road but also makes it easier for incoming traffic to see you at further distance and improves your road safety by giving you that extra time. HID technology discharges systematically controlled and is very stable and thus producing a stable, reliable beam of light.</FONT></P>

Our Price: $99.95